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Netgear always introduces its best products in the market; hence everyone is surprised when they launch packed with modern technology its Arlo Netgear Cameras.  Arlo cameras give peace of mind to the user and come for your outdoor uses, indoor uses and home security cameras are placed anywhere. You can also recharge because it comes with a reachable battery. It also has the AC power option, which quickly covers the full area of your home and comes with features of the 1080HD quality. The camera gives alerts when they identify any motion and also catches the 3 seconds before when any triggered event to happen. The Arlo camera comes with a water-resistant feature. It is IP65-certified; it means there is no effect of rain, sun, and chill. The Arlo Camera has also come with cloud storage. You can set up an Arlo camera with a web address www.arlo.netgear.com.

Setup of the Arlo Netgear camera (www.Arlo.Netgear.Com)

How Arlo Netgear camera works 

  •  It is very simple to understand how your new Arlo Netgear camera works.
  • Arlo camera comes with the batteries.
  • The camera works without wires.
  • When the Netgear Arlo camera finds any motions, then they use the wifi link to Arlo base station to stream videos and share with your Arlo account in the cloud. You can also download the Arlo Netgear app from any play store.
NETGEAR ARLO SETU-www.arlo.netgear.com
Setup of the arlo netgear camera
  • Attach your base station with the internet.
  • The base station attached to your home network, and after this, you can easily access the camera stream from anywhere.
  • You can attach the base station and your router using the ethernet cable.
  • Here you can attach the AC adaptor to the base station.
  • Now the user can plug the AC adaptor to the electrical outlet.
  • You can press the on/off button on the back of the base station.
  • It takes two minutes to get the green light on the power led and the internet light.
  • After this, your Arlo base station is set up.
Setup arlo account (www.Arlo.Netgear.Com)
  • First, the user can click on the Arlo account on your smartphones.
  • If the user is using its computer, then it needs to open the web browser.
  • Now they enter the www.arlo.netgear.com.
  • If you are using your smartphone, then you can enable the Touch ID.
  • Here you can click on the new to Arlo.
  • The user can select the Arlo wire-free.
  • Now you can select your base station serial number.
  • You can enter your details.
  • Now again click on the continue.
  • After this, you can easily access your Arlo Netgear camera.

Put batteries into arlo netgear camera (www.Arlo.Netgear.Com)

  • If the user can use the batteries given by Netgear or they use high-quality batteries is always adviseable
  • The user can slide and hold the lock on the bottom of the camera.
  • Now you also can slide the battery door back, and you need to lift it to open the battery compartments.
  • Here you can put the two batteries near the back of the Arlo camera carefully.
  • You can put the two batteries near the compartment joint.
  • After all, batteries insert, then you can close the battery door.

Sync your arlo netgear cameras with the base station 

  • The user can take the camera within 1 to 3 ft of the base station.
  • You can press the sync button for two seconds on the base station.
  • The user also can see the green led light on the base station.
  • Now you can press the sync button for the two seconds on the top of the camera. If the blue LEd lights blink slowly, then it means then the sync process is started. The blue light blinks rapidly, and then it confirms the sync.
  • After the sync of the camera, the power led lights of the power station to start blinking. It means the firmware of the Arlo camera is updating.
  • The user can repeat the same process with every camera. If you have any query click on arlo.netgear.com

Meaning of the arlo netgear camera led

  • Solid Blue; If the Led of the camera blinks solid blue, then it means Arlo camera power is on.
  • Now also the blue lights are blinking fastly for ten seconds, it means that your Arlo camera is synced to the base station.
  • Here,  the led light is solid amber, it means the Arlo camera is booting.
  •  The amber light blinks one per minute, it means that the battery charge is low.
  • If the Amber light fastly blinks, then it means the camera is failed to sync.
  • Now the blue and the amber both are blinks, then means firmware update is in process.

  Firmware update of the arlo camera (www.Arlo.Netgear.Com)

  • The user can also  see after the sync the camera to the base station; at this point, the firmware update process is started.
  • If both blue and amber lights blink the means the firmware of the camera is in progress
  • After the few minutes the led lights off then it means the firmware updates
  • Now the firmware process is complete, then the blue light of the base station rabidly blinks means the Arlo camera is again synced to the base station.

Place the arlo netgear camera (www.Arlo.Netgear.Com)

  • The user can place the Arlo camera anywhere they place.
  • You can easily place the Arlo camera on the shelf or any flat place.
  • If you want to mount your camera on the wall, then take these steps;
  • You can now fasten the mounting screw into the wall and hang the magnetic mount from the screw.
  • If you want to mount the camera on the drywall, then you can use the plastic screws which are given with the camera.


Best place for the arlo netgear camera(www.Arlo.Netgear.Com)

  • The user can place its new Arlo camera in the unblocked field of the view.
  • You can also place your camera 300 ft from the base station.
  • The user needs to avoid these things while placing the camera, like bricks, stone, metal products, glass products, water heater or fish tanks, and like many other products.
  •  Choose the best current location on the camera.
  • Your Arlo camera provides a 110-degree viewing position. So it is necessary to position the camera where you can easily monitor all views.
  • You can also  place your Arlo camera at least 7 feet above the floor or the ground.

 How set position in arlo  camera (www.Arlo.Netgear.Com)

  • You can open the chrome web browser.
  • Here you can also enter the www.arlo.netgear.com
  • If you are using the smartphone, then open Arlo app enables touch ID
  • Here you can also click on the position mode.
  • Now you can also easily adjust the camera position as you need.
  • If the user can choose the disarmed mode for the camera and now you think it is better in the detect mode, then click on the mode and change it.

Frequently ask question (www.Arlo.Netgear.Com)

Q; What does the battery bar mean?

A; The user can easily understand from the battery bar. There are three bars then 61% to 100% and if there is two bar it means the 17%to 60% of the battery. If there is one bar, it means 1 to 16% of the battery, and there is no bar, it means the battery is used.

Q; What is the effect if the user used in the cold climate?

A; The user can see that there is no significant effect on the Arlo Netgear camera. If you place your Arlo Netgear camera in a cold climate, then battery life is be affected. You can notice the short battery life.

Q; Why the one Arlo camera battery is draining more than another Arlo camera?

A; Arlo Netgear cameras can easily use in every type of environment. Unusual things can affect battery life. It is easily used in the dark environment, and it also uses infrared sensors to monitor the motions, so the battery is more use

Q; Is there any effect of my wifi on the Arlo Netgear Cameras?

A; Yes, it can affect the battery. If there is a noisy wifi environment, then the battery of the camera drains fast.

Q; What is the battery life of the Arlo Netgear camera(www.arlo.netgear.com)

A; The battery life of the Arlo Netgear cameras is mostly four to six months for regular use. If you can use many tips then they extended according to they detect motions.

Q; How can the user reset the Arlo Netgear camera?

A; The user can easily reset the Arlo base station. First, you need to find the reset button on the base station. Then you can press the reset button with the paper clip for a few seconds. Now the amber color lights blink; it means the reset is complete. After this, your Arlo account is also deleted from them. Now you can need to make the Arlo account, as you can make the first.